Please note, this page is currently under construction with new photos coming soon. It's a work in progress, so in the meantime, if you need any information, please email or phone.

Thank you for your patience!

All sizes are approximate. Being handmade, the pots will vary slightly.

(h = height   d = diameter)

All the pots are available in the following designs 

From left to right, top to bottom:                                                                                           frog, elephant, horse, bees, hare

pig (gloucester old spot), owl, hen, saddle back pig, cat

sheep, penguin, cow, hedgehog, cockerel

dog, ladybird, snail, mallard, whale 

Please note: I do not have all the pots in all the designs, in most cases, it will need to be made to order, so please allow at least 2-3 weeks if ordering.

Where and how to buy the pots is on the following page - shows and outlets

 Small - £10      (8cms h x 7cms d)
 Medium - £12   (9cms h x 8cms d)
 Large - £14      (11cms h x 9cms d)
 Small - £10      (225ml)
 Medium - £14   (550ml)
 Large - £18       (1ltr)

  Cereal Bowls - £14 each
 (6cms h 15.5cms d 500ml) 
 Side plate - £12 (18.5cms d)
 Breakfast plate - £16 (23.5cms d)
 Dinner plate - £20 (26.5cms d)
  Medium storage jar - £20
  (12.5cms h x 11.5cms d)

 Garlic pot
- £18
 (10.5cms h x 9cms d)
  Spoon Rests - £8 each
  (13cms d)
  Storage Jars
 Small - £16             (11cms h x 9cms d)  
 Medium - £20         (12.5cms h x 11cms d) 
 Large - £24            (15.5cms h x 11.5cms d)
 Biscuit barrel - £32 (18cms h x12cms top d)
  Wall Clocks - £34  (25cms d)

 Fitted with a german quartz movement
 Will hang on a nail or picture hook

 (different sizes and different colour rims can  be made to order)

  Utensil pot - £20 (14.5cms h)
 Oil drizzler - £24 (20-25cms h)
 Salt pig - £24 (14cms h)
 Cruet set - (8cms h)
  Egg cups - £6 each
 Cereal bowl - £14
 Side plate - £12
  Cheese/Cake/Pizza Plates - £24  
 (28 cms d)
  Coasters - £5 each
  Garlic pots - £18
 (10.5cms h x 9cms d)
  Honey pot - £18  (10.5cms h)
 Comes with a wooden honey twirler
  Plant Pots
Large - £28
 Small - £16

 Butter Dish
Finally, after many requests, I have started making rectangular butter dishes. This is press moulded from my own mould and will hold a 250g pack of butter.

Can be made to order in any design.